Welcome to our attempt to display information about the History of Rowing with emphasis on North American rowing. This site will be an ongoing project. Hopefully over a period of time it will grow into a substantial resource on rowing history. This site is basically a static site with interesting and helpful information. A great dynamic (blog) site is Hear The Boat Sing administered by Goran Buckhorn. Visit HTBS also.

We hope that all information is as accurate as can be. Sometimes the sources may be newspaper articles and personal recollections and may not be as accurate as expected. If you have any input, corrections, or suggestions – please contact us, bmiller@rowinghistory.net

Site Contents (top menu)

Time Line by Thomas E. Weil – highlights of important events & milestones through the years to 2000

US Teams (new format) – searchable database either by US Team members’ last Name or by Year(s)

National Rowing Hall of Fame – two lists of Hall of Fame members

Category listing – listing by Boats, Athletes, Coaches, Patrons
Alphabetical listing – listing by last Name

Regatta Results – gathering/listing results from historic regattas

IRA (Intercollegiate Rowing Association)
Henley Royal Regatta – Finals Results – searchable database
Henley Royal Regatta Notes

Resources – collected rowing facts & details:

Rowing 101 – understanding rowing & terminology
Races/Boat Club & Associations Before 1860 – listing
Rowing Book Bibliography – overview of the 1st rowing book bibliography
1871 Oarsman’s Manual– introduction to a magnificent rowing book
NAAO Annual Yearbooks – images of covers & table of contents
NAAO Rowing News magazines – images of some covers
NAAO National Trophies ca. 1930
College Trophies – listing of College Trophies
Famous People – who were rowers/coxswains
Rowing Equipment – history 
U.S. Patents – mostly 19th Century

Essays – discussion of interesting events/people/places

The Crazy Professionals – 19th Century professional rowing
“The Great International Boat Race” – 1869 Harvard vs Oxford
Joseph Burk Letters to George Pocock – set of letters from 1935 through 1947
Edward Hanlan Letter – his letter describing his 1881 Laycock race preparation
True Stories – interesting events