Joe Burk Letters

Bill Miller

Joe Burk Letters

There is a wonderful group of nineteen letters written by Joe Burk mostly in the 1930s when he was a budding champion sculler and then National, Canadian & Henley Diamond Sculls champion. And one was from when he was PT-Boat Commander in 1943. All were to boat-builder, George Pocock. They reveal Joe’s gracious respect for George and also the  specific boat details they discussed.

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Letter copies viewed here:

Ordering his first single, Feb. 13, 1935

Order details, Aug. 12, 1935

Transport receipt, Sept. 30, 1935

Ordering new single, Mar. 6, 1938

Boat dimensions, May 2, 1938

Letter from Henley, June 25, 1938

Discuses shell refinements, July 29, 1938

Refinements for new shell, Sept. 10, 1938

Ordering new shell and discusses Pearce’s shell.
An interesting chat about the old fixed-seats, Oct. 29, 1938

More discussion about the new single, Dec. 10, 1938

Chat about “Winter” training shell, Jan. 29, 1939

Financial arrangements questionable for new shell, Mar. 24, 1939

New single arrived, __ 1939

Delighted with new shell, June 8, 1939

Note from Queen Mary, (abt. June), 1939

Returned from Henley now preparing for Canadian Henley, July 30, 1939

Discussion about new boat for 1940 and his loss to Angyal, Sept. 22, 1939

From Torpedo Boat (6 pages) admiring it’s speed, Mar. 1, 1943

New boat for 1947, Jan. 12, 1947